Thank you for choosing to add you tourism site or service to our catalog. The quality of the data you will be entering as well as its the position in the 3 level hierarchy is extremely important to maintain a quality service.
Before you add your tourist service:
1) First determine in which Category, Sub-Category and Sub-Sub-Category it belongs by browsing the catalog and selecting the "Save Category Listing" link near the bottom left of the Browse Listings page. This action will save and pre-fill the category information during the "Add Listing Process".
2) If you cannot find the correct catagory to which your service belongs or you would like to be listed in a number of different categories - add your service anyway then write us a note requesting the categories you would like to be listed within.
3) Initially you need to select a large and small image that best matches your service - we also provide the facility for you to send us your own fotos at a later time - you will see this option after you add your property to our directory.
Si es usted un usuario nuevo:
If you are a new user:

1) Ingrese su dirección de Email y la información de usuario (de acuerdo a la forma mostrada a la derecha).
Enter you Email and user information (in the form at the right).

2) Una vez que halla sido aceptado, usted podrá agregar los detalles de su servicio turístico o propiedad directamente a la base de datos.
Once accepted you can add the details of your service immediately.

3) La propiedad o servicios será listada por un periodo de 12 meses a menos que sea "actualizada" por usted antes de ese tiempo.
Your property will be listed for 12 months unless updated prior to this period (we want you to keep it current).

4) Durante el proceso se le requerirá ingrese su nombre de usuario y contraseña, esto le permitirá regresar en cualquier momento para editar y actualizar su información y de la propiedad o servicio ingresada.
During the process please ensure you provide sufficient and quality information about you and the service.

5) Asegúrese de ingresar correctamente su dirección de Email, ya que por este medio le será enviada cualquier información relativa a este sistema.
Make sure your Email is correct - it is the mechanism that we and visitors to the site will most often contact you.

Si es usted un usuario existente:
If you are an existing user:

1) Ingrese al sistema indicando su nombre de usuario y contraseña.
Enter you User Name and Password in the form above right.
Para iniciar el proceso por favor indique algunos detalles presonales - To start the process fill in the following details:
Nombre de Usuario- UserCode
Contraseña - Password

Usuario - UserCode:     
Contraseña - Password:
Las facilidades le permitirán cambiar sus detalles , actualizar o cambiar los detalles de su propiedad o servicios así como agregar una más. No hay un límite de propiedades o servicios para agregar.

As an existing user you can change your details, update the property or service details and add other listings at any time.